Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Memories

Discovering Chinese Calligraphy
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Hurricane Sandy Relief

Casady YAC helped second graders and 6th grader, Lexi Brooks collect donations for Robert L. Craig School in New Jersey.  This K-8th school was hard hit by the storm.
Thank you note from Lexi

    Dear Classmates, Family and Friends,
      I want to thank you all for your contributions to the Robert L. Craig School in New Jersey. Because of you I will be sending 6 boxes of school supplies as well as $1,240.00 in cash, gift cards and cash!!! Thank you again!

Why Robert L. Craig School:  A Casady second grader, Tyler Semet, sent his Flat Stanley to his aunt Deondra Shropshire before the storm. Flat Stanley Semet reported from the Jersey Shore as the storm approached. After the storm, Stanley Semet provided updates of the recovery process. 

Aunt Deondra connected Casady to the challenges of Robert L. Craig school and offered to deliver our donations to the school.  Lexi Brooks took the leadership of the project in the MD and promoted a drive for supplies and gift cards.  Lexi and her family generously packed and sent donations and encouragement cards to Aunt Deondra, who will deliver them with Flat Stanley Semet to Robert L. Craig School.

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From Flat Stanley Semet 
Yesterday President Obama visited some of the hardest hit areas of New York. He brought with him hope and encouragement. Two things we are all able to give to others. The next time you see someone sad or going through a hard time remember you can give them hope and encouragement. You can give them a smile, a hug or by saying kind words to them. It always helps to know someone cares. 


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Parent Forum

We invite all parents of 9ththrough 12th grade student to join us for an informative presentation and discussion focusing on school climate and building a culture of kindness through our thinking and actions.  Salient issues regarding adolescent bullying, electronic aggression, parenting and bullying prevention will be addressed. 

Presenter:  Mrs. Gayle Robertson Jones is a private and public school educator and school consultant who directed the Safe and Drug-Free Schools program for over 500 Oklahoma school districts for 12 years.  Her expertise in school safety and violence prevention includes training and presentations for parent groups and school staff statewide.  She is also a school-based support group facilitator for the Calm Waters Center for Children and Families.
 When:  Thursday, November 29th from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Where:  Gaylord Student Center in Griffith Hall

We look forward to seeing YOU there.  You will walk away with ideas and resources to use at home with your children and in partnership with the School.

                Dr. Marcia Moore    Brad Philipson  Christopher Bright                                 




Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank you to Lexi Brooks and second graders for inspiring Casady High School, Middle School and Lower Division to ''Do Something" to help Robert L. Craig School.

We are also thankful to Flat Stanley and Aunt Deondra for their reports and for inspiritng Mrs. Renfo's class to learn about Flat Stanley and make Flat Stanley support cards for Robert L. Craig School.

We are thankful for the enthusiasm, love and care the younger kids from Boys and Girls Club sent to the kids at Robert L. Craig in the cards made at the Club last Friday.

We are thankful to Mrs. Semet, Mrs. Poplin and to Lexi and her family for helping gather and send our cards to Robert L. Craig kids through Aunt Deondra!

Finally, we are thankful for YOU and the role you played this year in helping us learned through service and your support reading about our community connections.

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING counting blessing even during hard times!

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”
John Lennon (1940-1980);
musician, founding member of the Beatles

Friday, November 16, 2012

YAC helps Sandy Relief

YAC helped THE SECOND GRADE  AND SIX GRADER LEXI BROOKS SANDY  RELIEF DRIVE.  YAC made a PEACE fleece blanket to send to Robert L. Craig School while making blankets for Positive Tomorrows at Woods Community Center on Wednesday, November 14 at 12:30.  Volunteers enjoyed a pizza lunch provided by the Service-Learning Program.  YAC is also promoting the opportunity to relax in between finals by  making cards for Robert L. Craig School at Woods.  

If you are called to help MD student Lexi Brooks, the second grade class, Aunt Deondra and reporting Flat Stanley with Hurricane Sandy Relief, bring your donations of support cards and supplies gift cards from Wall Mart, Kohl's, KMart or Target for Robert L. Craig School to:
Upper Division: Woods Building-Service-Learning Office/Mrs. Carmen Clay , 405-520-1325.

Middle Division: McClendon Building, Mrs. Semet's Science Room

Lower Division: Powell Building, Mrs. Poplin's Second Grade Room

Stanley Semet reporting from New Jersey. Just packed my bag. I am going into NYC with Aunt Deondra for Thanksgiving. Look for us on TV on Wednesday morning on the Today Show. We will be in the crowd of screaming girls that come to see Justin Bieber. And again on Thursday morning we will be at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Look for us in the crowd of people. We will be the ones jumping up and down and waving at you. We've been busy packing food to make sack lunches to pass out to the homeless in NYC. We will be busy. Aunt Deondra and I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A letter from a MD student: Help NJ School hit by Sandy!

Dear Classmates, Family and Friends,
As we are all aware of by now, the New Jersey and New York areas were hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy. My 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Semet is familiar with a school in New Jersey that was badly damaged by the storm. The students have had to relocate to other school during this very scary time until their school is safe to return to. You may have been asking yourself how can I help, well now is your chance! 
There are a few ways to get involved and be a part of something special. 

-You can purchase school supplies or if you have school supplies laying around that you do not need, donated them.

-They are also asking for gift cards, so skip Starbucks for a couple days and purchase a gift card from Walmart, Target, or Staples. 

-The next step is simple too. For those of you that go to Casady, you can drop off your item with Mrs. Semet in the Middle Division, Mrs. Poplin in the Lower Division and Mrs. Clay in the Upper Division. 

- For all others, you can bring them to my home.  One request, if you could please write a short note to the students and either leave it with your items or hand it to Mrs. Semet, Mrs. Clay or Mrs. Poplin. I would like to put them in a book so that they can see how many people really do care. 
I am asking that all donations be dropped off or sent by November 20. I will send them to Mrs. Semet's Aunt Deondra Shropshire, she has generously offered to drop the items off for us at the Robert L. Craig School in Moonachie NJ. Below is an article that I found online that explains some of what the students, families and faculty have been going through and their needs.

Thank you,
Lexi Brooks

The VHS Student Council is conducting a drive to support the students of the Robert L. Craig School (grades K-8) in Moonachie, NJ. The Robert L. Craig School will be closed for approximately a month because of the structural damage caused by the winds and major flooding of Hurricane Sandy. In order to get students back in the classroom, Robert L. Craig students will be temporarily placed in other schools in Wood-Ridge while their school is repaired. However, these students and their teachers are in desperate need of classroom supplies, as everything has been lost due to Hurricane Sandy. In addition to being temporarily placed in another school building, many of the students in this community have been flooded out of their homes and are currently living in shelters.
A Hurricane Relief Drive for the Robert L. Craig School Drive will take place this weekend in Moonachie and the VHS Student Council is trying to make a contribution to this relief effort. It is asking for school supplies and either cash or gift card donations by Friday, November 9, which can be brought to school. The Verona Fifth Downers, the football parents’ association, will also be accepting donations at this Saturday’s home football game on behalf of the Robert L. Craig School.
The Student Council is looking into other fundraising to help other students affected by Hurricane Sandy, and said this in its e-mail: “The Verona community has always been supportive, caring, and giving, particularly in difficult times. We know that many of you are still trying to sort through the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, and are therefore that much more appreciative of any contribution you are able to make at this time. The Verona High School Student Council thanks you for any contribution you are able to make on our behalf to the Robert L. Craig School in Moonachie, NJ.”

A letter went out to all second grade students today announcing this as our service project!

If you are called to help Lexi, the second grade class, Aunt Deondra and reporting Flat Stanley, bring your donations of support cards and supplies gift cards from Wall Mart, Kohl's, KMart or Target for Robert L. Craig School to:

Upper Division: Woods Building-Service-Learning Office/Mrs. Carmen Clay , 405-520-1325.
Middle Division: McClendon Building, Mrs. Semet's Science Room
Lower Division: Powell Building, Mrs. Poplin's Second Grade Room

Donations will be taken to Lexi Brooks who in turn will mail them to Mrs. Deondra Shropshire on November 20th to deliver to Robert L. Craig School. Thank you to the hearts called to help.



Saturday, November 10, 2012

JERSEY SHORE NEEDS, Flat Stanley Semet reports

Mrs. Semet, a science teacher in the MD, has a son in the second grade. Tyler sent his Flat Stanley to New Jersey before hurricane Sandy to his aunt Deondra as part of his Flat Stanley reading and geography project.

Aunt Deondra, who lives in the hardest hit area of hurricane Sandy has been sending Flat Stanley reports with pictures to Tyler's second grade class. Flat Stanley's first hurricane report was: "Stanley Semet here reporting from the Jersey Shore. Wind is really picking up. The gusts of wind are getting scary! Look at all the leaves on the ground. I have moved inside a nice cozy home because I was afraid I would blow away outside. We are waiting...Sandy is on her way. Stanley at Jersey Shore

After the HurricaneUnknown boat is now on the lawn! and has destroyed the fire pit. What a busy few days! Our town still has a lot of people without power.

  Check these National Guard guys out. They made a sign thanking us!!!
The little girl in the picture stayed with us many nights after the storm.
Snow Storm Approaching: The National Guard has come to help the people. They have moved into the town fire station. Yesterday we went shopping for the National Guard. They needed chapstick and green socks. Your aunt, Tyler, bought a few extra things for the guys. The lines at the stores were so long to check out our items. We got the guys some green wool hunting socks because it is so cold here. We also got them some toe warmers. And Tyler your aunt has me doing the National Guards laundry tonight!! I like doing all the volunteer work, but I have never done laundry before! I hope I don't ruin any of their clothes. Stanley Semet here reporting from the laundry room in New Jersey.

The Casady YAC received a Flat Stanley from Mrs. Poplin's second grade class with a message from Aunt Deondra. "Some people have asked me what they can do to help in this time of great need. I have found a school, k-8th that was hard hit and needs everything. The children need encouraging LETTERS and just about any school supply. The teacher told me they need notebooks, pens, children's books, markers, dry erase markers. I am going to be collecting them and delivering them to the teacher.  If you would like to help with a check or a gift certificate to a store where they could buy school items, it will also be helpful.(Walmart, Target, KMart, Kohl's and other local stores.)   Checks and gift certificates should be made out to Robert L. Craig School.

About Robert L. Craig School: The students are being bused to another school. That school had a clothing and food drive for the students and their families. The school has ordered 30 trailers. It will take about a month to get them set up and running. They will move the students into them as soon as they can. They anticipate they will be in the trailers for the remainder of the year. The districts insurance company has secured the services of American Technologies Inc. to serve as the reconstruction company. Trained professionals are cleaning and disinfecting the school 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week. All wet items and items up to 4' from the ground are being discarded. Sheetrock and floors will be replaced. Everything higher than 4' will be cleaned and disinfected. An independent industrial hygienist will be hired to assure that the school is safe once the remediation work has been completed. The health and safety of the children and staff are of utmost importance. Who attends this school: 276 students 11.1 student/teacher ratio. 2010-38% of students eligible for free or reduced lunches.  Student Ethnicity: white 49%, Hispanic 42% and Asian/Pacific Islander 8%

At this time, the school is asking that instead of supplies and clothing, those who wish to help should send gift cards from stores such as Wall Mart, Target, KMart, Kohl's and other local stores. Students are attending a school in a nearby community, and there is little room for storage. Please contact Harris Hirsch at for additional information.

If you are called to help Aunt Deondra and reporting Flat Stanley bring your donations for Robert L. Craig School to

Upper Division:  Woods Building-Service-Learning Office/Mrs. Carmen Clay , 405-520-1325.

Middle Division: McClendon Building, Mrs. Semet's Science Room

Lower Division:  Powell Building, Mrs. Poplin's Second Grade Room

Our donations will join the 2nd grade donations and we will send them to Aunt Deondra to deliver to Robert L. Craig School. Thank you to the hearts called to help.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Leona Tate speaks at Casady School Chapel services

Casady Cyclones listened with absorption as Leona Tate described what it was like to be a 6-year-old in 1960 thrust into the struggle for racial integration.  Mrs. Tate, a guest speaker and friend of Mr. Brad Philipson, Casady Upper Division Principal, gave Cyclones history in person.

Leona Tate shared her experiences of being escorted on Nov. 14, 1960, by federal marshals-with Tessie Prevost and Gaile Etienne-as they entered McDonough 19, an elementary school in New Orleans, surrounded by angry mobs of segregationists. It was also during this same time period that Ruby Bridges, another African-American student, integrated William Frantz in New Orleans.

“That day will be eternally etched in my brain as a day that changed education for all minority students, yet nothing could have prepared me for the insults, racial slurs and epithets that were hurled at me,” she said. “I was just 6 years old, and in one moment, I impacted the nation.”

Ms. Tate encouraged Casady students to make their own mark in history.

“God has been calling ordinary people to do extraordinary things since the beginning of time,” she said. “When he wanted to establish many nations, he called Abraham…when He wanted the people of Israel to be freed from Pharaoh, He called Moses…when he needed someone to have a dream for a better America, He called Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” she said.

In the days after the integration of McDonough 19, riots erupted throughout New Orleans and student enrollment drastically decreased as parents pulled their children out of the school. In a matter of months, Tate, Prevost and Etienne were the only children left at the school.

According to the Civil Rights Digital Library, “the integration of New Orleans' public schools drew national criticism from those who condemned segregationists for their hostile reactions and prompted acclaimed American painter, Norman Rockwell, to paint The Problem We All Live With, which depicted four federal marshals escorting six-year-old Ruby Bridges to school on her first day at William Frantz.”

“We were very fortunate to have Ms. Leona Tate come Casady,” Head of School Chris Bright said. “She has dedicated her life to positive social change, and she is a shining example of the virtues we work to instill in each of our students.”

Ms. Tate currently operates a foundation that advocates equality in education.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shinnyo-en Foundation features Oklahoma's International Day of Peace at Website

The Shinnyo-en Foundation has supported the Casady Service-Learning Program and YAC efforts advocating caring communities through kindness and service since 2006.

We have received a summer training, Six Billion Paths to Peace and Be the Peace reflective cards, inspirational visitors on International Day of Peace (9/21/2010 and 2011), and thousands of Six Billion Paths to Peace t-shirts, distributed at Casady and at the annual celebration of the International Day of Peace at Oklahoma City University.

This year the foundation has honored our 9/21/2012 efforts by featuring our Oklahoma City International Day of Peace 2012 story in an article that connects our efforts to Blake School's and the International Day of Peace events promoted in California by Youth Community Service at Palo Alto High School and Gunn High School. See article @

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Elections at Casady Upper Division

Republican Party: 74 votes.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Democratic Party: 45 votes. Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Libertarian Party: 15 votes. Gary Johnson and Jim Gray

Constitution Party: 10 votes. Virgil Goode and Jim Clymer

Green Party: 7 votes. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala

151 students voted with V.O.T.E.S (Voting Opportunities for Teenagers in Every State) ballots.  Highest number of votes went to the Republican and Democratic parties.   Students selected the Republican Party candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States of America.

The Isses Poll Results were as follows:

1. The Supreme Court ruling in Citizens v. Federal Elections Commision allows corporations, unions, and "Super PACs" to spend as much money as they want to support or oppose political candidates.  Do you support or oppose this ruling?
53 Support   98 Oppose

2. The controversal Keystone pipeline would bring fossil fuels extracted from sand and shale resources in western Canada across the mid-section of the US to refineries in Texas, creating numerous economic benefits while also potentially having serious environmental consequences.  Do you agree or disagree that the construction of the Keystone pipeline should go forward?
89 Agree   50 Disagree

3. What is the best way for the United States to prevent the development of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea?  Choose only one
26    Economic sanctions                            
46    UN diplomacy                            
32    US led military action                
37    Positive incentives (for example, food for North Korea in exchange for a shut down in nuclear weapons development)

4. In your opinion, what is the best way to reduce the federal budget deficit? Choose only one
32   Raise taxes on Americans earning more than $ 250,000 per year.
56   Reduce taxes to spur economic growth while strategically cutting federal spending.
51   Combine tax increases with federal spending cuts.

5. Would you support a Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman?
45     Yes
106    No  

6. Do you think it is the responsability of the federal govrnment to make sure all Americans have health care coverage, or is that not the responsability of the federal government?
67    Yes, it is the federal government's responsibility
74     No, it is not the federal government's responsibility

National Results:  VOTES 2012 Final Results, Summary Sheet, November 4, 2012

Electoral Votes:  Barack Obama 316, Mitt Romney 208
*note that due to Storm Sandy the New Jersey schools sent in no votes so those 14 electoral votes were not distributed.

Popular Votes and Percentages: Voter Turnout: 67%
Barack Obama (Democratic) 27,107 (50.2%)
Mitt Romney (Republican) 22,252 (41.2%)
Gary Johnson (Libertarian) 2,206 (4.1%)
Jill Stein (Green) 1,314 (2.4%)
Virgil Goode (Constitution) 508 (.9)
Others/Write-Ins/Undecideds 650 (1.2%)
Total Votes Cast: 54,037

States Won By: Barack Obama (28)
Alaska Maryland Rhode Island California Massachusetts South Carolina Connecticut Michigan Vermont
DC Minnesota Virginia Delaware Nevada Washington Georgia New Hampshire Wisconsin Hawaii New Mexico Illinois New York Iowa Ohio Louisiana Oregon Maine Pennsylvania

States Won By: Mitt Romney (22)
Alabama Montana Arizona Nebraska Arkansas North Carolina Colorado North Dakota Florida Oklahoma
Idaho South Dakota Indiana Tennessee Kansas Texas Kentucky Utah Mississippi West Virginia Missouri Wyoming

Interesting note:
 A total of 5 schools from NJ, NY and PA were unable to hold a mock election due to Storm Sandy

V.O.T.E.S. 2012 Issues Poll  (based on about 23,500 student responses from 62 schools)
1. The Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission allows corporations, unions
and “Super PACs” to spend as much money as they want to support or oppose political candidates. Do you
support or oppose this ruling?
Support  34%
Oppose  66%

2. The controversial Keystone pipeline would bring fossil fuels extracted from sand and shale resources in
western Canada across the mid-section of the US to refineries in Texas, creating numerous economic
benefits while also potentially having serious environmental consequences. Do you agree or disagree that
the construction of the Keystone pipeline should go forward?
Agree  49%
Disagree  51%

3. What is the best way for the United States to prevent the development of nuclear weapons in Iran and
North Korea? (choose only one)
Economic sanctions  19%
UN diplomacy  26%
US led military action  20%
Positive incentives (for example, food for North Korea in exchange for a shut down in nuclear  
weapons development)  35%

4. In your opinion, what is the best way to reduce the federal budget deficit? (choose only one)
Raise taxes on Americans earning more than $250,000 per year.  26%
Reduce taxes to spur economic growth while strategically cutting federal spending.  47%
Combine tax increases with federal spending cuts.  27%

5. Would you support a Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as between
one man and one woman?
Yes  39%
No  61%

6. Do you think it is the responsibility of the federal government to make sure all Americans have health
care coverage, or is that not the responsibility of the federal government?
Yes, it is the federal government’s responsibility  57%
No, it is not the federal government’s responsibility  43%

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kids Care Week/Make a Difference Day & October Service Memories

The purpose of Kids Care Week is dedicated to recognizing the power of kids to reach out and help others.  During this week, young people focus their compassion on a specific social issue through a service project. YAC connected to the Kids Care Initiative initiative with YAC's big project, Casady Cans Do-Students Against Hunger Food Drive (October 22-26).

The YAC senior chairs took the leadership of the project. They created teams of YAC members and friends who motivated Cyclones from all divisions through can costumes, stickers, competitions, and posters advocating helping our Regional Food Bank to take a bite out of Oklahoma Hunger. Casady Can Can Hunger was the inspiring slogan that call the UD students to donate cans and money. UD and LD requested monetary donations.  The other divisions concentrated in bringing cans. The Middle Division house competition brought the most cans and the canstruction competition, revived an old Casady tradition at the Upper Division. The final donation from all divisions was 5,779 cans and $1,016.87 with a generous contribution of $500 from the Multicultural Club after Fall Fest. 

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Statistics


A Story of Hope

For more than 20 years, USA WEEKEND Magazine and Points of Light have joined together to sponsor Make A Difference Day on the third Saturday in October. Millions of volunteers around the world unite in a common mission to improve the lives of others. This year Casady had a full week of good deeds to celebrate this national day of service. 
Casady Service-Learning, thanks to the Tompkins family, also had the opportunity to join the volunteers from Buy for Less, OSU nursing school, Westminster Church, and Da Vita Dialysis Centers the morning of October, 27, official National Make a Difference Day.   Volunteers framed a home and did exterior painting of two adjacent homes.

Habitat has volunteer opportunities for students 16 years old or older at these homes.  All houses are located at Habitat's Hope Crossing Addition. Drive on I-235 and exit on Wilshire heading east to Kelley. Turn North on Kelley Ave. then turn west on N.E. 83rd. Make a right N.E. 84th and drive to Lindsay turn back north until house number 8512. The address of the house that was framed on Make a Difference Day is 8512 N.E. Lindsay.  Contact, 405-520-1325 to arrange volunteering as a group or visit to contact the volunteer coordinator for personal opportunities to serve. Wear appropiate clothing and closed-toe shoes.  Bring working gloves and refillable water bottle.  Training on site starts at 8:00 a.m. and the work day goes on until the job assignment for the day is completed or 4:00 p.m. 

On Sunday, afternoon, from 3-5 PM, sophomore Chance B. introduced S.A.D.D. Students Against Destructive Decisions to Casady Cyclones.  Students played some basketball at the old Thunder Training Facility in Edmond before Chance introduced the purpose of the club and call for ideas for next meetings.  Chance's presentation was followed by a pumpkin carving contest: "Carving out destructive decisions."

The Casady S.A.D.D. club was registered at the Make a Difference website as the Casady project for Make a Difference Day.  Chance stated, "I felt there was a need in my community for the SADD chapter, we are all facing tough decisions, that are not always the popular decisions. Although it is not my comfort zone to step out in front, I felt that if I did that my peers may take notice and really listen."

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canstruction competition

First Place: Seniors

Canstructions were finished by b-block Thursday.  After lunch, judges, who consisted of Mr. Philipson, Mrs. Miano, Dr. Powell, Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Scott, and Coach Bonfiglio followed a judging rubric which provided 4 points as the highest score and 1 as the lowest score:  The criteria was: Most cans donated to build canstruction on Wednesday and Thursday (Seniors, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors). Best Meal: Variety of cans used. Creativity in Design. Teamwork:  Numbers of class members who participated in the canstruction (Seniors, Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors).    Thank you to the team leaders for fighting hunger and feeding hope with your donations, creativity, and care and to Mr. Philipson for donated the competition prize, a pizza lunch for the winning grade.

Second Place: Freshmen
The winners of the canstruction competition were officially announced at Chapel.  Mr. Philipson will announce the date for the winning class pizza lunch.
Third Place: Sophomores

Fourth Place: Juniors
Thank you to everyone who participated in the REVIVAL of an old tradition, "canstruction."  Special thanks to the Judy H., senior YAC chair who spirited the idea, and to all the YAC members and YAC chairs who created the process and implemented the actions that surpassed our donation goals of cans and money to our Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.




Casady Cans Do: Reflection and Results

Primary Division:  Things to have in mind for 2013: Carpool starts at 7:50 AM. We need volunteers with first hour off with permission to use their study hall to help students in the PD Division.  Stickers needed for everyday of the food drive at this division next year.  When high school students are visible role models, donations increase!  The Red Wagons of Hope Walk is on Thursday and students with study hall at the times below are needed to help the children take their donations, weather provided. Due to bad weather, this activity did not take place in 2012, instead of the Red Wagons of Hope march, the children placed their donations in a van that took the cans to the Food Bank truck
*10:15---Pre-k bring cans to Food Bank truck. *2:00--K takes cans to the truck                                                                                                                                                                                    
Monday: 30 cans,
Tuesday: 63 cans,
Wednesday: 69 cans
Thursday: 35 cans

Friday: 21 cans  5 Day Total: 218 cans

Lower Division: All Divisions' Winners:  MONDAY & TUESDAY.  Third place in overall food drive competition.  Tripp the dancing can was a hit! Stickers were a great incentive, but nothing replaces the high school students as motivators and role models of caring and givers of time and enthusiasm.  We hope to have a 4th grade can counting team for next year.
Monday: 116 cans and $50 check = 166
Tuesday: 132 cans and $100 check= 232
Wednesday: 220 cans and $ 3=223
Thursday: 335 cans
Friday: 245 cans   
5 Day Total: 1,048 cans and $153= 1,201 new record to beat in 2012.

Middle Division: Winner of all divisions competitions in number of cans donated, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Overall winner of the Casady Cans Do, Students Against Hunger Competition.  The dancing MD can motivated others to dance to eliminate hunger and inspire students and parents to give. 

New this year was music with the can dancer which prompted groups of dancing students in front of the MD on Thursday and Friday.  MD is considering making house costumes and creating a hunger fighting songs and dances.  

Monday: 166 cans. Kelly, Martin, Taber and Woolsey
Tuesday: 158 cans. Martin  ber Kelly Woolsey.  Running 2 days total 324

Martin 116 today (215 for three days)
Taber 108 today (195 for 3 days) 
Kelly 70 today (169 for 3 days) 
Woolsey 118 today (157 for 3 days)    Running 3 days total:  736 cans

Woolsey 425 today  (582 for four days)      
Martin 194 today (409 for four days) 
Kelly 181 (350 for four days) 
Taber 77 today (272 for four days)  Running 4 Days total 1613 cans

Martin House 1,050 cans 
Overall winner of the MD competition for an out of uniform!
MD Total for Food Drive 3,473 cans

Upper Division:  YAC chairs provided daily raffles and Judy H. revived the old Casady tradition of Canstruction Competitions.  The donations progressively increased, but we need to consider competitions between sports, clubs, and maybe an empty bowls banquet with silent auction and fashion show next year.  Fall Fest weather did not permit YAC to raise but $55 for the Food Bank.  If we have the drive at the same time as homecoming again, we should consider developing a collaboration with the alumni office and other clubs.  Multicultural Club surprised YAC with a $500 donation for the Food Drive after Fall Fest!

Monday-STUCO's East Coast vs. West Coast Homecoming Dress-up day
58 cans and $30

Katie H. Raffle winner

Tuesday-STUCO's  Ipod shuffle homecoming Dress-Up Day
171 cans and $5
Freshmen, Seniors, Sophomores, Juniors
Hannah P.: Raffle winner

Wednesday-STUCO's CAT astrophe Homecoming Dress-Up Day
103 cans and $43.87
Seniors, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors
Lily H. Raffle winner
Running Three Day Total: 332 cans and $ 78.87.

Thursday- STUCO's Thrift Shop Dress-Up Day
416 cans and $90
Seniors, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors

4 Day Running Total: 748 cans and $168.87= 916.87


Friday: STUCO's Olympics Dressed-up Day, Pep Rally & FALL FEST
392 cans and $ 40 
Seniors, freshmen, sophomores, juniors

1,140 cans and $ 208.87  During Fall Fest YAC collected $55.  After Fall Fest, Multicultural Club surpised YAC with a $500 donation. 

Sale of STUCO's Homecoming T-Shirts
Olympic Day

Homecoming Pep Rally

Homecoming/Fall Fest YAC Booth: Multicultural Player for Change.  Proceeds to Food Drive

Blankets for Positive Tomorrows: Fall Fest YAC Booth

SECOND PLACE: UPPER DIVISION : 1040 CANS + $208.87 + $55+ $500+ $100


All Divisions Daily Results

Monday: 370 cans, $80  
Tuesday: 521 cans and $105  
Wednesday: 2,242 cans and $231.87
Thursday:  4,441 cans, $321.87 
Friday: 5,779 cans and $ 361.87